How to YANOIT?

YaNoIt: We believe in simplicity!

Disclaimer: All YaNoIt Polls are completely anonymous

  1. Ask a YANO question
  • Step 1: Go to the link and type your question in the text box
  • Step 2a: Click on the blue ask button below the text box to publish the question
  • Step 2b: If you want to make your question private and to be accessible only to an  audience who you share the “link” with, then you need to check the box “Make this a private YaNo?” before you post the question
  • Step 3: Once you ask your YANO question, it will automatically be added to your follows (click on the Red Heart Button in the top menu or access it at

Ask a YANO

2. Answer a YANO

  • Option 1: Simply click the Ya or No buttons at
  • Option 2: On your mobile device you can swipe LEFT = YA and swipe RIGHT = NO

YaNo Swipe


3. See Live Votes or real time Poll Results

  • Once you answer a YANO question, you can see the LIVE votes for the previously answered question by clicking on the top pink section that says “Tap here for Live Votes


Live Votes 2


4. Create a survey with multiple YANOs (Questions)

  • Step 1: Ask several YANO questions for the survey you want to create (in PRIVATE question mode i.e. select the “Make this a Private YaNo” box when asking individual questions for your survey)
  • Step 2: Go to your favourites / follows page by clicking on the red heart button in top menu or access it at
  • Step 3: Select the questions you to create the survey for and click Create Survey button
  • Step 4: Copy the link from the browser and share the link with your survey audience
  • Step 5: Answer the survey questions on your screen once to then see the real time results of the survey


5. Embed a YANO poll widget in your blog / website or use QR code

  • Step 1: Create a YANO question
  • Step 2: Click on the share button available in the footer menu at the bottom
  • Step 3: Copy the code from the middle section where it says: “To embed this YaNo on your blog or website, use this HTML snippet”
  • Step 4: Put the HTML code in your website or blog. For WordPress blogs it works best when the code is copied in the “TEXT” editor mode rather than Visual mode
  • Step 5: To use QR code, click on it to download and print the QR code for users to access the specific question or survey using a QR reader from an mobile app

Share and Embed 2