British air strikes on Syria

Should the British MP’s vote in favour of David Cameron’s plans for air strikes in Syria?

Syria air strikes: PM urges Tory MPs to ‘take a stand’…BBC News

David Cameron has urged Tory MPs to take a stand on fighting terror on the eve of a vote in Parliament on authorising UK airstrikes in Syria.

The prime minister called on them not to “sit on their hands” and side with Jeremy Corbyn and others he labelled “a bunch of terrorist sympathisers”.

Labour’s leader has said bombing is not a sensible way to bring peace to Syria.

The BBC’s Carole Walker said the PM wanted to win the Commons’ backing without having to rely on Labour MPs.

Opposition leader Mr Corbyn was forced to offer a free vote to his MPs after a shadow cabinet rebellion.

As many as 50 Labour MPs could support David Cameron although party sources have suggested this number is falling as Mr Corbyn seeks to persuade them to listen to his arguments against intervention.

Meanwhile, thousands of protesters, led by the Stop the War coalition, have taken to the streets of London for the second time in four days to protest against bombing.

‘Broader strategy’

The government motion to be voted on would authorise air strikes “exclusively” against so-called Islamic State – also known as Isil or Daesh – in Syria, and says the UK government will not deploy troops in “ground combat operations”.

It says military action is “only one component of a broader strategy” to tackle IS.

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn said the prime minister’s reference to “terrorist sympathisers” was “a contemptible slur which demeans his office”.

Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson called for Mr Cameron to “retract and apologise for these remarks”, saying they were “disrespectful to those MPs who have a different view to him”.

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